Tosari Galleries Digital Strategy

Tosari Galleries, Digital, Marketing Strategy, Business planning Tackling any big changes to a business model has to be carefully planned, so when Tosari Galleries owner Diane Elsden was considering a move away from a bricks and mortar presence in favour of digital avenues she turned to Rigani for development of a digital strategy.

The digital strategy was commissioned to highlight opportunities, evaluate barriers to entry and provide a comprehensive digital marketing plan should the business choose to make the move.

As with any strategy development Rigani believes key stakeholders need to be a part of the journey. This ensures they understand and support every strategic decision and are able to successfully implement.

Tosari Galleries Digital Footprint mapping by RiganiRigani undertook digital workshop sessions with the Tosari team over two days; collecting information to inform that strategy, defining topline objectives and even undergoing creative ideation sessions.

The data collected was used to develop our most comprehensive digital strategy to date. The strategy will provide Tosari Galleries the tools they need to overcome potential barriers to success and roll out an integrated tactical marketing program. This program serves to deliver a seamless and memorable customer experience for art buyers across Australia and cultivate credibility for the brand online.

Tosari Galleries Digital campaign concept inspiration by RiganiRigani loved working with such a stunning product and artistic team and are excited to see the project progress. The team are still in the kitchen with Tosari undertaking a UX/UI overhaul. Stay tuned for the stunning unveiling!

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