Annual SEO Report 2016

A recent Hubspot study reveals that between February 2012 and March 2014, organic reach for the average Facebook Page dropped from 16% to 6.5%.  Facebook justifies this by claiming “there is simply too much content on the platform” so Facebook only wants to show users the best content – what’s most relevant to them. So Facebook is no […]

Cablecomm – leading the way in Nurse Call Systems

Our latest custom website project was launched last week. Cablecomm Queensland is an industry leader in the installation and maintenance of Nurse Call and associated communications systems throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. John and the team approached Rigani for assistance in developing a new website including the ability for customers to select products and […]

Hiring: Darwin Account Manager

Exciting opportunity for top end marketer! We’re looking for someone who is ready and willing to go all in for their clients. Experience in working in a fast paced environment, responding to tight deadlines and being flexible in meeting and defeating challenges that arise is a must. You’ll have a solid understanding of the principles […]

Multi Channel Marketing

Tourism NT are working to shift perceptions of the Northern Territory as a tourism destination, and have tailored active messaging* to motivate consumers to travel sooner rather than years in the future. *Active Messaging: “The Northern Territory is not a place you go to, The Northern Territory is a place you do. And what you […]


Social networks are now a substantial part of every marketing strategy, these platforms have the flexibility and technology to engage with focused customer groups.  About 90% of marketers found that social media marketing generated high awareness for their companies and brand campaigns. According to Social Media Examiner 96% of marketers use social media as a […]

How to enhance your customer’s experience

Managing the experience of your customer is crucial for the success of your brand or business. Good experiences can enhance a customer’s spend, loyalty, advocacy and, ultimately, help reduce the cost of new acquisitions. We also know that it can be complex and time consuming to do and often gets put in the “I want […]

3 Steps to keep your Website Secure

Where a website domain serves as a foundation to your online presence, a content management system populates it with useable and marketable assets. One of the most common trends I find taking on new clients – and even reiterating campaigns with existing ones – is their ongoing content management and security practices, or lack thereof. I’ve […]

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” With these words of barely contained fury former Army Chief David Morrison made headlines around the world in 2013. His impassioned YouTube speech speaking out against the degradation against women in the Australian Army went viral. Since then, Lt-General Morrison (retd) has regularly spoken out about […]

Instagram – is it for me?

Put simply, Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Similar to Facebook or Twitter, once you have created an account you have a profile and a news feed. This platform is designed for use on a mobile phone. While you can view your newsfeed on a desktop, you can’t […]

The signs of violence (and ways you can help)

It isn’t always obvious that someone close to you is being subjected to domestic violence. Being able to underpin the signs may help you or someone you know. Domestic violence has a lasting affect on everyone exposed. My mum witnessed the behaviour in her family home growing up before she too suffered at the hands […]

Latest Blog Post

2018 NT Budget Communication Campaign

2018 NT BUDGET Rigani was engaged by the NTG’s Department of Treasury & Finance to devise a communications strategy and campaign to announce the NT 2018 Budget. Within 6 weeks Rigani, working with Global Headquarters and Studio McNaught, turned around the campaign in time for budget release day on May 1st, 2018. The campaign included […]