“Oh, you’re an account manager? Cool. So… what do you actually do?”

The standard response we get from many of the uninitiated – although we must admit, the role of an Account Manager can sometimes appear quite ambiguous. So what do we actually do? It’s not all Cuban cigars and expensive whiskey like Mad Men would have you believe (well.. sometimes it is).

The role of an Account Manager is to do just that: manage accounts. Our mission is to take care of our clients – happily going above, beyond and everything in between. We need to be agile yet rigid, creative but analytical, a good cop and sometimes bad cop. While there are times where we get to the end of the day feeling as though nothing significant was accomplished, this is never truly the case. Here’s a run-down of what occurs on a typical Monday for one of your Account Managers.


Arrive at the office and grab a cup of coffee (this is the life blood of our profession). Have a quick chat with the team about a few major projects and then sit down to begin triage. Draw up a priority list and establish what needs to be achieved today. Respond to emails that have backed up overnight. Open a browser and quickly look at what’s happening in the media. New marketing trends, political issues, changes to legislation, interesting opinion pieces; anything that could be relevant to our portfolio of clients. Share with other team members or save for later.


Skype meeting with the entire team. Connect with managers in Toowoomba, Darwin and Melbourne. Look at action plans and time tracking for ongoing accounts. Is anyone behind on their project? Are we running over budget on a particular account? Rearrange and delegate tasks accordingly to remedy issues. Brainstorm new ideas for upcoming projects. Check in with the business development manager to see how we’re going with new acquisitions and address any concerns from our director.


A new client arrives at the office to participate in a marketing strategy workshop. More coffee – for two this time. Sit down and talk about any immediate concerns they may have and start to get a better understanding of how their business operates. Establish their short and long-term business goals. Ensure they are realistic, measurable and time-based. Start brainstorming marketing strategies that will aid in achieving these goals. Draw up a list of strengths and weaknesses while analysing their competitors to define competitive advantage. Meeting concludes and the client seems happy to go ahead. There’s a lot of moving parts in this one so we’ll need time to put together a comprehensive proposal. Provide a timeline for when they can expect to hear back.


Sit down and add the new proposal to our task list. Make a start while the meeting is still fresh in mind, including key information about the business and what it hopes to achieve. Source an appropriate database and commence comprehensive industry research. Begin writing a brief that is based off meeting notes. Quickly look through a new round of emails that have just come through and respond.


Lunch time. Another coffee?

Lunch time coffee



Check to see if any emails were missed during lunch. Begin writing a blog post for one of our clients in the Finance industry. We need to be careful with our word choice here, there are countless restrictions to publishing under the Australian legislation. Refer back to industry topics saved earlier this morning and put together a well-written article for publication. Send to an account coordinator for proofing and further suggestions. Make necessary adjustments and forward onto client for vetting and approval.


Why are 30+ tabs open in my browser? Close everything. Clean slate. Open a fresh word document – this time we’re writing a media release for one of our clients in the Health & Fitness industry. They have an exciting new event coming up for locals trying to get fit, so it needs to be primarily targeted at this audience. Quickly check our media database and see which reporters are best to contact with this type of information. Establish a storyline with a title, hook and body paragraphs. Once again, proof with an account coordinator and send to client for approval.  Forward to relevant media contacts.


Close tabs. Looks like we have to write a newsletter for one of our clients in the Real Estate industry. Look back and check their recommendations RE: what topics would be appropriate this month. What on earth is negative gearing? Let’s dive into more research. Email client to double check understanding. Write up article and have it proofed. Send to client for approval.


Check emails one last time and respond to anything urgent. Update task list for tomorrow morning (although this will likely change by then). Start packing up and head home for the evening. Get excited to jump into it again tomorrow!

So that’s what any given day could look like for our team of talented Account Managers. It’s an incredibly rewarding job, allowing you to use a diverse range of skills and gain new perspectives on various industries – that’s why we love it!

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