Multi Channel Marketing

Technology advances over the last 15 to 20 years have changed the way we view advertising; moving from the traditional living room scene of a family focused around a single TV screen, to an extremely competitive multi-screen world.

Tourism NT’s campaign uses a combination of traditional advertising mediums such as television and radio, as well as the more contemporary tactics of social media, and co-operative campaigns with retail and airline partners.

29 June 2016

Tourism NT are working to shift perceptions of the Northern Territory as a tourism destination, and have tailored active messaging* to motivate consumers to travel sooner rather than years in the future.

*Active Messaging:
“The Northern Territory is not a place you go to, The Northern Territory is a place you do. And what you do is unlike anything else.” From the Tourism NT Domestic Brand and Style Guide)


The ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ on an opportunity that others are getting experience is a great driving factor for people considering booking a holiday and creates a real sense of urgency, promoting customers to book ‘before it’s too late’.


Using ordinary looking people, talking about their loved ones who’ve ‘gone to a better place’ plays upon our emotions and in an amusing twist shows relatives enjoying sights and adventures the NT has to offer.


Finally, in an attempt to strike up multi-channel conversation, NT Tourism also released free-to-air, cinema, outdoor advertising and social media campaigns three weeks after the TV ads and on-boarded travel affiliates to transform these prospects into bookings.

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