Buslink VIVO

Buslink VIVO are shaping up to be a formidable player in Australia's transport and logistics industry and are developing a customer experience to match.

Customer Experience (CX) is fast becoming the cornerstone of all business strategy.

It is no longer enough to compete on products and services; how a company delivers is now just as important as what it delivers.

Buslink VIVO approached Rigani to assist in refining the key touch-points during a customer’s journey, ensuring that every experience with the brand is positive and delivers on Buslink VIVO’s value proposition.

Rigani have begun the process by establishing a message framework, revising existing brand collateral and developing new elements to incorporate. Rigani are still in the kitchen with Buslink VIVO and are excited to release our work shortly. To follow the Buslink VIVO project join our mailing list. 

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