Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) are a not-for-profit providing property and tenancy management and affordable housing to low income families, and social housing to seniors and other vulnerable groups.

Social Media Up-skilling with Central Australian Affordable Housing Company

As part of a greater plan to revitalise the Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) brand, the team were looking for assistance in transforming their social media presence.

With very little experience in social media marketing their small and dedicated team reached out to Rigani for help.

Over the past few years the marketers have found the greatest barrier to adopting a social media strategy isn’t scepticism, but inexperience with the execution. We work to help overcome this barrier and build a digital-savvy team, craft a considered strategy, and ultimately transform the way a business approaches their consumer-centric marketing.

Online social media course

With the Central Australian Affordable Housing Company team unable to physically meet with the us to complete the strategic workshop phase, this project was a unique opportunity to take our popular hands-on sessions and turn them into an online course.

Over a week long period, the staff at CAAHC undertook a tailored course through Rigani’s online course platform. The course not only helped Rigani extract all of the key information we needed about the Brand to develop an appropriate strategy, it also served as an up-skilling program for the staff. CAAHC employees Louise and Anna worked their way through a variety of exercises, tutorials and brainstorm sessions. The sessions were broken up by face-to-face Skype catch-ups with their course presenter to review and discuss.






Custom Social Media Guide

Following completion of the social media course Rigani developed a tailored framework for the CAAHC team. This framework is a comprehensive guide to help the team ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ using their digital platforms.











Interested in exploring social media up-skilling for your team? Contact us. 

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