"Rigani go above and beyond for all clients, so thank-you"

- Jaime Bradford

Testimonials from our clients

Nexia Edwards Marshall NT

(previously Barry Hansen Chartered Accountant) 

The branding and marketing campaign workshops we did with Rigani were a real eye-opener for me and for the team at Barry Hansen Chartered Accountants. Listening to Rigani’s advice, I realised there was a lot we did right as a firm, but there were also areas we could improve on. Rigani helped challenge our way of thinking and allowed us to confront the things we don’t do well – and then worked with us to come up with solutions.

I’ve been involved in similar workshops before and the reason this one worked is because I came away feeling our goals were achievable, and Rigani really listened. They were our words, our ideas, our action plan – guided by Rigani, but not pushed to a pre-determined outcome.

After our workshops I went into a new client meeting with confidence and positivity. I was able to clearly communicate what we could offer to the client and and successfully achieve a commitment from the client before we left the meeting. I might add that in several months down the track we have now formed a very solid relationship with this client. 

Rigani’s workshops woke me up and motivated me to want to make a positive difference in both my clients’ and my colleagues’ lives.

Cath Fleming
Manager Business and Taxation Services


Buslink VIVO

“Rigani were very professional and comfortable to work with throughout each project. Quality and service promises made at the beginning of their engagement were consistently delivered upon throughout execution. We were listened to and engaged in decision making, and equally, Rigani were always clear and consistent in their professional advice and opinions which helped to guide us through the design and construction of our collateral.”

Eliza Carbines
National Business Development Manager, Buslink VIVO


Black Swan Foods

“We engaged with Mia in 2011 to assist our marketing efforts and in particular the repositioning of our small range of yoghurts at the time. The work culminated in a major redesign of the range moving it into a very clear and unique space of ‘no sugar added’ combined with a subtle secondary message of ‘lactose free’. These changes relaunched our range and resulted in us reaching a new sales level in excess of $15million p.a retail sales. We are no longer a small yoghurt player as a result.

Our work together expanded into the development and stewardship of our website and without Mia’s passion the connection with our consumers via social media would not be what it is today. We have entrusted all our consumer feedback to her team – a significant task during our rapid growth phase.

As Mia’s business developed into new areas, with her own relaunch to Rigani (formerly Persuasion Marketing), our relationship also moved beyond the retail channel for Yoghurts and Dips ( Black Swan is Australia’s No 1 Dip ) and into the all-important and strategic Foodservice channel.

Rigani is effectively our Foodservice Marketing function covering all of our key activities from New Product development through to packaging design, advertising and food shows; the latter is our key source of new business. We have enjoyed significant double digit growth in Foodservice throughout this period. This critical program has required Rigani to project manage and lead no less than 9 trade food shows on our behalf.

Black Swan Foods looks forward to an evolving relationship with Rigani over the next growth envelope of both companies.”

Nick Kharsas
GM – Marketing & Sales
Black Swan Foods
A Monde Nissin Company


InsideOut Fitness Darwin

“Lana has gone above and beyond her role as our marketing expert. She is a big part of our team and has personally helped me with any questions I have asked even when it’s out of scope. Our business has grown and it is all thanks to the amazing team and community we have made.”

Susan Shepherd
Business Owner, InsideOut Fitness Darwin


Elodus Financial

“Elodus is a financial planning business in Toowoomba that has ‘attempted’ to devise and implement many marketing strategies and projects over the last 10 years. They were all conceived with a lot of enthusiasm, but affected with a lot less – the results, of course, have always reflected this.

Looking to generate new work and tidy up years of in-house branding, we were recommended by a colleague and immediately energised by Mia’s enthusiasm, bright and energetic approach. We have been working with Mia and Shana for close to 2 years now and what a difference real marketing knowledge makes! The Rigani team’s sole focus has been on integrating our branding, marketing and value proposition, as well as providing the highest levels of value and commitment.

We now know that there are two fundamental prerequisites to marketing success – trust and communication. Rigani (formerly Persuasion) provides this in bucket loads. They offer accountability, timeliness and commitment; and expect the same from us in return! By everyone holding up their end of the bargain, we have achieved great value and results. These have been on time and within budget. Having an independent third party that takes ownership of what they set out to achieve, means we pass more and more onto them. This allows our advisors and staff to focus on what they do best – administering and servicing Elodus clients.

The value that has flowed from our relationship with Rigani has been startling. We are viewed as a warm, professional, results oriented business, whose focus is on our client’s and achieving great things for ‘them’. We have always been a busy practice, but the level of referrals and new business over the last year has been astounding. We are viewed with a new perspective and our client’s and COI’s take pride in introducing their families and acquaintances to us. The regular feedback we receive on what we offer, how we present ourselves and the fun, exciting way we interact, from our website to our business cards, is heartwarming. We are human, as our clients now realise! On top of this, we have many initiatives that, to be honest, we have ‘parked’ for the time being as we cannot cope with the new work.

Our marketing is a blend of new and innovative ideas, renewing existing approaches, levering off our past, an independent perspective and the overall presentation of Elodus to the world and community at large. It’s a blend of many, many things and its culmination presents a completeness that offers comfort and confidence to our clients and staff alike.

Rigani has helped us develop some amazing marketing collateral and intellectual property – we would be very happy to share this with like-minded businesses. Mia and her team have been integral to a lot of our recent success. We highly recommend Rigani and would be pleased to talk to you and discuss any aspect of our relationship with them.”

David Pidcock
Managing Director and Business Owner
Elodus Financial


“I used to think marketing was time consuming and expensive, with few measurable results, but Rigani has proven me wrong. They took the time to understand our business vision to ensure the marketing plan they developed, and implemented, achieved our desired result without blowing the budget.

Our revised website not only looks great but is easy for clients to use, and is a great referral tool, giving us excellent exposure to our key demographic. So many of our clients and business contacts comment on how much they like our new E-Newsletters and the personality they convey. Rigani have helped deliver our message that financial planning isn’t just about money, it’s about lifestyle and family.

The team at Rigani are a pleasure to work with and happy to let us focus on quality service and advice while they take care of every facet of our public profile. They manage our fundraising efforts, and handle all of the social media administration that we used to struggle with. Results are measured and reported back to us with recommendations and suggestions.

Rigani changed our marketing from a hit and miss experiment to a cost effective, easily managed business necessity.”

Nicole Holden
Administration Manager, Elodus Financial

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