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Social media marketing is a substantial part of every marketing strategy. Businesses have to join the conversation or risk being left out of it.

These days it's not enough to have a Facebook account. You need to understand where your clients can be found and when they want to be communicated with.

12 May 2016

Social networks are now a substantial part of every marketing strategy, these platforms have the flexibility and technology to engage with focused customer groups.  About 90% of marketers found that social media marketing generated high awareness for their companies and brand campaigns.


According to Social Media Examiner 96% of marketers use social media as a marketing tool, yet 85% of these still aren’t sure which tools are best to use. We’ve pulled together a list of 5 benefits to help clear doubt and establish the importance of using social media marketing in your business.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness

Every opportunity you have to engage with your target audience and attract new customers is valuable. Social media channels become platforms to reach out and present your brand in a user friendly way. By making your brand more accessible to customers it becomes easier for customers to acknowledge and consider you as a choice.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

With increased visibility businesses gain more opportunity for conversion. Each post, image, comment and share can lead someone to your company profile/website and increase traffic. Social media marketing humanizes your brand and creates an impression, helping customers understand faster and make a decision.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Customer behaviours are evolving with time and people are beginning to turn to social media platforms in a search for information. When brands have a presence and a voice on these platforms customers feel like they can relate to them and build a relationship.

Customers appreciate knowing that when they post a comment on your page the response they receive is personalized. Brands also have the advantage of engaging with the customers directly and clearing any misconceptions in the market. It is vital for businesses to join the conversation or risk being left out of it.

  1. Brand Loyalty

Building customer brand loyalty is one of the main goals of most businesses. They want customers to convert and continue to be a part of their business for as long as they can. Engaging with customers regularly and keeping them up to date on services/products and promotions is important to remain the primary choice. Customers see these platforms as service channels which will help them to learn and interact more with the company.

  1. Cost Effective

Social media marketing is the most cost effective platform for companies to engage with customers directly. The return on investment for brands is higher and allows you to allocate a bigger budget for other marketing activities. It is also flexible and provides you in-detail statistics of the audience you reached and how you can widen the scope.


While it’s definitely important you’re on social media, not every channel will suit. Use our industry channel matrix to find your place in the digital world:

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